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Muhammad’s Daughters Alliance LLC.

تحالف بنات محمد

Sister Ruba Qewar

Islamic Education 

Sister Ruba Qewar Official Site

American Islamic Diversity

American Islamic Diversity.Org

Islamic Peace Ambassador Program

We invite you to participate in the wonderful opportunity to be an Ambassador of Peace. As a volunteer Islamic Peace Ambassador, you will attend weekly studies and trainings and meetings for Quran studies, Islamic Education, Islamic Educational Literature, and learn all about the Centers for Peace and Spirituality International, its mission and wonderful founder and author Maulana Wahiduddin Khan. Peace Ambassadors will also volunteer at special events such as book fairs, and Quran and Islamic Literature distribution events, as well as go on Dawah missions, to educate new Muslims and non-Muslims about the true face of Islam.

Islamic Peace Ambassadors will educated individuals and the community on the following topics such as........

Ideology of Peace

To address the mind of the modern man, and present the ideology of peace, based directly on the Islamic scriptures. Present articles and interfaith material in English, and lectures. Islamic Peace Ambassadors will share their wisdom with others about the purpose of life, how to live a God-oriented lifestyle, and maintain positive thinking by re-engineering the mind. 

1. Re-engineering and Rehabilitating Minds towards Positivity

The first step is the re-engineering, re-conditioning and rehabilitation of minds towards positive thinking. You can do this by:

Becoming part of the Spiritual classes by viewing Video Streams of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan's lectures. 

2. Sharing the new-found wisdom with others

Simultaneously, you should start sharing this material with others:

Spreading peace material and Quran to show the peaceful face of Islam.

Spreading the Audios and Videos of Maulana's lectures.

Spreading other material on the site such as Blog, Articles, and books.

3. Volunteering for the Noble Cause

Muhammad's Daughters Alliance is a totally volunteer organization at this time. Muhammad's Daughters Alliance members and its global partners, under the guidance Francine Al Azhar, are spreading the message of peace throughout the globe. We need people like you and organizations like yours to volunteer so that the message of peace enters each and every home in the world – big or small. If you are interested in becoming an Islamic Peace Ambassador, please send email request for application to [email protected]

Please include your full name, and contact information.

To request a free copy of Quran, submit your request [email protected]

Interfaith Religious Education & Missions

The Interfaith Religious Education & Missions program promotes mutual co-existence, interfaith relations, diversity and inclusion among people of all cultures, religions and ethnicities from various communities. In this program, many individuals can come together and share their faith in many positive ways that are beneficial to the community. Missionaries from various faiths and congregations, Individuals and families from all communities may join monthly brunches, dinners, and guest speakers conferences, where many edifying, informative, and educational topics are discussed. 

If you are interested in connecting with missionaries of a particular faith, or To request a free copy of the Bible, or other religious literature, submit an email [email protected]

Please make sure you provide your name, phone number, and details of your request in your email message.