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Muhammad’s Daughters Alliance LLC.

تحالف بنات محمد

Interfaith  Sisterhood Community 

The Interfaith Sisterhood is a diverse, multicultural community of strong, devout women that support and strengthen each others faith. Sisters may also visit and teach individuals and families about religious doctrine according to the individuals or families preferred religion of choice. Sisters also provide charitable service to individuals and families that need help with several errands within their homes. Members of the the Interfaith Sisterhood Community may also participate in the following events such as:

*Muhammad's Daughters Alliance Fundraising Events

*Free Holy Quran, Bibles,  and Religious  Educational Literature Distribution

*Healthcare and Safety Events

*Job Fair's

*Emergency Disaster-Charitable Assistance Missions: to help people from all other religious faiths and communities after a natural disaster, or other emergency, etc.

Sisters that are members of the Interfaith Sisterhood Community may also help instructors of the Interfaith Sisterhood Finishing School Program, to teach and assist students with various topics. Women and young girls of all ages can join and become members of the Interfaith Sisterhood Community, but the Interfaith Sisterhood Finishing School is for females ages 16 through 29. The Interfaith Sisterhood Finishing School students will be taught and trained upper-class social graces, etiquette, morals, and mannerisms.

Sisters will also have training classes in Home Economics where they will learn responsibility, self-sufficiency, and responsibility on how to properly take care of their own home, preparing for a successful marriage, and how to properly raise their children, and how to handle other important responsibilities around the home, such as 

-Cleaning the home using safe, non toxic, chemical free products

-Grocery Shopping, and how to bargain, save and shop wisely

-Proper and Safe Food Storage to prevent illness, and waste

-Cooking Healthy Nutritious Meals from scratch and how to set a dinner table.

-Crochet, Knitting, Quilt Making, and Sewing

-Parenting, Prenatal Care, Childcare and Safety Lessons

-Tolerance, Diversity, Mutual Co-Existence, Loving and Respecting people of other Religious Faiths and Ethnicities

-Upper Class Etiquette & behavior, Morals and  Mannerisms, Resting in femininity, and maintaining proper modest dress code. 

-Self-Esteem, Embracing Natural Beauty, Proper Self-Care, Oral and Personal Hygiene

-Excellent Communication Skills, speaking appropriately with intellectual vocabulary and maintaining excellent listening skills to understand, and with patience. 

-Health, Diet, Nutrition and Exercise Classes and Programs

-Courtship Counseling and Preparation for Marriage on how to keep the family together, and marriage support service.

Upon graduation from this program, sisters will receive a Diploma of Completion that confirms they have successfully completed the program, and that they maintain the life skills and training to take care of themselves, their home, and family after marriage. They will be able to have a successful strong marriage by maintaining the wisdom and knowledge of keeping their family together, and knowing the responsibilities and place of being a wife and mother, as well as respect her husband and his authority, etc. 

Sisters that are interested in joining and becoming a member of the Interfaith Sisterhood Community may submit their request to [email protected] and request for a membership application. Please provide your full name and contact information, so we can send you an application and schedule an appointment to meet with you. 

Sisters May Request to Join the Interfaith Sisterhood Community Whatsapp Group Now! 🧕😊❤️

by sending an email to [email protected]

to request for a live video interview for membership. Make sure you provide your full name, and contact information. A sister from the Interfaith Sisterhood Community will contact you and schedule a video interview date with you.

All young females age 13 and over, and adult females are welcome and encouraged to join! This Whattsapp group is also perfect for sisters that suffer from loneliness, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Sisters can turn to the Interfaith Sisterhood Community Whatsapp Group for Support and referrals to resources.🧕😊❤️

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