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Muhammad’s Daughters Alliance LLC.

تحالف بنات محمد

Empowering Women to

Become Self-Sufficient

We support underserved women, children, and disabled citizens by providing resources that help them become independent.

Reach Out

Changing Lives One Step at a Time 

Muhammad’s Daughters Alliance (MDA) provides service and programs so that disadvantaged women, children, and disabled citizens can take back control of their lives. Our assistance is available in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Prince George's County,  Howard County, Montgomery County Maryland, and nearby areas.


Sisters Modest Apparel Closet

MDA provides modest and professional attire for job interviews and employed clients. We also offer hijabs and closed-toe shoes for work.

Employment Staffing Service

Temporary Contract, Temp-to-Hire, and Direct Hire Job Opportunities.


We provide toiletries and feminine hygiene products to clients.

Groceries and Halal Meats 

Bus Passes

We help clients obtain access to public transportation for job interviews, work, school, grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, and other important errands.

School Supplies

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • 3-Ring Binders
  • Loose Leaf Lined Paper
  • Pencil Sharpeners
  • Backpacks and other necessities for school.

Items for Children

  • Diapers for Babies, bottles, pacifiers, and clothing
  • Clothing for Children Aged 10 Years and Younger

Service & Support for Disabled Citizens

Referral service for support programs regarding....

  • Financial benefits and health insurance
  • Transportation
  • Jobs
  •  Education
  • Housing
  • Legal Service

Dawah Program

Dawah Missions Program 

Muslims collaborate to distribute free Islamic educational literature to non-Muslims and new Muslims, so they will learn  about the true face of Islam.

Educational Programs

*Islam 101 Class Meetings for New Muslims*

*Home Economics (Cooking, Sewing, Knitting, Crochet)* 

Finance & Economizing Classes

*Interfaith Sisterhood Community Membership*

Basic Membership

All sisters that are interested in only maintaining Basic Membership in the Interfaith Sisterhood Community will enjoy the wonderful benefits of special events, interfaith meetings, Bible and Quran Studies and Reading Circles, Islamic Education Classes, Brunches and Dinners, and a circle of wonderful supportive, inspirational sisters that provide encouragement and support.

*Visiting and Teaching Sisters Program

Sisters that are members of this program may choose to work virtually from their home by Zoom Video, or visit a sister's home to teach, and to provide emotional, spiritual, and psychological support. Visiting and Teaching sisters are to share their faith, inspire, and encourage sisters to continue to grow spiritually and intellectually, and strengthen their faith. Visiting and teaching sisters may also tutor a sister's children after school, and provide academic support. Visiting and Teaching Sisters must always work together in teams of 2, or more, and are only allowed to visit the homes of female sisters that are single or married. Sisters are not allowed to visit the home of any married sister if only her husband is home, and she is not home. Sisters must abide by the curfew policy for their safety and wellbeing. Sisters are only allowed to visit other sisters homes between the hours of 8am-10pm. While visiting and teaching, sisters are also not allowed to transport a sister or her family members anywhere in their vehicles. The curfew hours that sisters are not allowed to visit homes are between 10pm -8am. Sister's must follow appropriate protocol when visiting a sister's home, and follow MDA's legal policy, rules and regulations of the Visiting and Teaching Sisters Program. It is MDA's priority to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all sisters that are members of the Visiting and Teaching program. The President of the Visiting and Teaching Program will provide the visiting and teaching assignment to Visiting and Teaching sisters on a weekly basis. Sisters of the same religion are assigned to visit and teach sisters or families of the same religious faith as them, to respect the culture and religious beliefs of individuals and families, and to respect diversity. 

 *Helping Hands Crew*

A group of brothers with sisters together may visit a sister or brother's home if they are ill, and to help them with household chores and cooking. The Helping Hands Crew may also transport a sister or brother to important doctors appointments or for lab exams to provide support. Helping Hands Crew members may also pick up prescription medications for sister or brother, and deliver emergency groceries and toiletries to their home. Helping Hands Crew may also make Dua for sister or a brother, and provide a Shifa blessing.

(A sister or brother that is in need for Helping Hands service may call or email the Helping Hands Crew Department to schedule an appointment for support. Service is also provided to individuals in the community of all religious faiths, cultures, and any other legally protected status).

*Arts & Crafts Therapy-Fundraising Team*

Saturdays 6pm-9pm

(Individuals that have mental health issues such as Depression, Anxiety, or Stress may sign up for the Arts & Crafts Therapy program to receive emotional, spiritual and psychological support while executing their art and creativity talents, and participating in helping raise funds for an awesome purpose. All funds raised go to Muhammad's Daughters Alliance social services program. 

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